October 23, 2007


Members Present: Berlin, Chavalas, Groshek, Kahl, Machtan, McDougal, Rolfhus, Rusterholz, Sloan, Sullivan, Zheng

Members Excused: Ahmed

Consultants Present: Clow, Dittman

Guests: Rivera, Howard, Simpson    


  1. Approval of October 9, 2007 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


  1. Second readings: None


  1. First readings:


PHL 345 Proposal, Latin American Philosophy; change course number from PHL 245.

Introduction to the main questions in Latin American thought. Questions will be centered in epistemology, ethics, metaphysics and political philosophy. In particular, the focus will be on the interaction between Latin American thought (from pre-conquest to the present) and traditional Western European thought. (LX Form previously distributed at October 9, 2007 meeting).


M/S/P to waive the 2nd reading and approve the proposal


BIO 449/549 Proposal, Advanced Microscopy and Biological Imaging, 3 cr. Course revision.

Principles and techniques used in modern microscopy and biological image analysis. Emphasis will be on student projects to become proficient at confocal, fluorescence, and scanning electron microscopy. Students will also learn specimen preparation, digital imagining, and image processing and analysis for biological applications.  


M/S/P to waive the 2nd reading and approve the proposal


REC Management Major; Change course electives

Core requirements: REC 150, 200, 300, 302, 304, 305, 320, 340, 400, 401, 402, 420, 449, 450; RTH 325

Electives: 3 credits required: Choose from REC 202, 375, 480, 481, RTH 474; Drop REC 380, 381


M/S/P to waive the 2nd reading and approve the proposal


REC 480, Outdoor Education, 3 cr.; Change course number (was 380) and course description

This course explores a variety of subjects associated with outdoor education. Class emphasis will be placed on leadership of interpretative programs, appreciation of natural resources, and resource management techniques for a wide spectrum of outdoor recreation settings.


M/S/P to waive the 2nd reading and approve the proposal


REC 481 Outdoor Pursuits; Change course number (was 381) and course description

This course provides skill development and leadership techniques in outdoor recreation activities commonly associated with wilderness and roadless areas. Emphasis on backcountry ethics and safety will be stressed. A field trip will be required. Examples: backpacking, canoeing, bicycling, rock climbing, fishing, camping, and/or cross country skiing.


M/S/P to waive the 2nd reading and approve the proposal



  1. Consent Agenda: 


Last year the Psychology and Health Profession departments put through UCC a consent agenda item that tweaked the requirements of the “Dual Degree” Psych/OT program substitutions and courses. They neglected to include a course on a list of courses appropriate for a particular category and they are asking to correct this oversight.


The LX138P approved last Spring says:

Cognitive - 6 credits required

PSY334, PSY335 or PSY435, PSY439. Offered if resources allow: PSY 436, PSY490 Topic Psychopharmacology


The department would like to add: PSY434 Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology


M/S/P to approve the proposal


  1. Old business:


Chair will compile feedback about the faculty senate charge regarding B.S. and B.A. requirements. Feedback will be discussed at the November 13, 2007 meeting.


  1. New business: None
  2. Meeting Adjourned: 4:08 p.m.