Minutes from April 8, 2008 meeting



Members Present:                Ahmed, Berlin, Chavalas, Kahl, McDougal, Rolfhus, Rusterholz, Sullivan, Vice, Wallace,

Absent:                                                  Zheng (exc), Malisa

Consultants Present:           Bakkum, Clow, Dittman, Keller

Guests:                           E. Johnson, A. Bigel


  1. Approval of the March 25, 2008 minutes

M/S/P to approve minutes


  1. Second readings:                                 None



PSY 370, Educational Psychology, 3 cr.; change in prerequisites: PSY 100 and 210 OR HED 205 AND PSY 212 and concurrent or previous enrollment in one of the following: EFN 210/C-I 211 or SHE 210 OR ESS 225/226.


M/S/P to approve proposal as amended.  Updated prerequisite to read PSY 100 and 210 or PSY 212 or ESS 225; 2nd semester sophomore standing.


  1. First readings:



POL 375, Constitutional Law VI: Criminal Procedure, 3 cr.; new course

This course will carefully examine criminal procedure as interpreted in U.S. Supreme Court rulings pertaining to the 5th and 6th Amendments.  Among the topics to be covered are protection against self-incrimination and double jeopardy, trail by jury, plea bargaining, right to counsel, and due process in the courtroom.  Prerequisites: POL 101 or 102 or 221.  Offered Sem. II only.


POL 376, Constitutional Law VII: Administrative Law, 3 cr.; course revision – changing course number from POL 325 to POL 376


POL 377, Constitutional Law VIII: Theories of Judicial Adjudication, 3 cr.; new course

The central inquiry in Constitutional Law, and the question which most guides the U.S. Supreme Court, is whether the intentions of the Framers of 1787 should exclusively direct justices in interpreting constitutional provisions, or is it necessary to adjudicate cases in light of changing legal and social circumstances not known to members of the Philadelphia Convention. We will begin with a study of the 1787 Convention and then read a series of law review articles advocating both of these perspectives. Supreme Court opinions will not be covered in this course. Prerequisites: POL 101 or 102 and two courses from 370-376.  Offered 1 semester every academic year.

POL proposals held for second reading. Department to review other restrictions to appear in the catalog on the number of credits of constitutional law applicable to majors and minors in the department.


  1. Consent Agenda: none


  1. Old business:                        Hidden Prerequisites          


Committee reviewed the Hidden Prerequisite Analysis grid Chair McDougal created based on POL and PA programs. Chair will draft recommendations correspondence for Faculty Senate and include for discussion at the April 22, 2008 meeting.                       


  1. General Education Course Substitutions

·         College of Science and Health substituted ENG 102, Freshman English Reading and Writing taken at UW-Stout for literature requirement.

·         College of Business Administration substituted 801196, Oral/Written Communication taken at Fox Valley Technical College for CST 110.


  1. New business:      none      


Adjourn:  4:20pm


Xc: Troy Richter, Jan VonRuden, Tim Walls, Emily Johnson, Alan Bigel