September 25th, 2007


Members Present: Ahmed, Chavalas, Groshek, Kahl, McDougal, Rolfhus, Rusterholz, Sloan, Sullivan, Zheng

Consultants Present: Dittman, Herling, Keller                

Guests: Wadell                                    



  1. Approval of September 11th, 2007 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


  1. Second readings:


ESC 211, Global Warming, 3 cr. New course.

The course explores the scientific basis of global warming and climate change, and their current and likely impacts on human society and the environment, before addressing the action that could be taken by governments, by industry and by individuals to mitigate the effect. Discussion of global warming is situated in the context of models of climate change, focusing on alternative interpretations of the effects of anthropogenic greenhouse gases on global warming.


M/S/P to approve the proposal with revised course objectives


Environmental Studies Minor---add APH 202, CST 215, ESC 211 and HIS 321 as electives on the minor.

The course is an interdisciplinary minor open to all students at UW-L. While housed in the College of Liberal Studies, the minor reaches across campus and involves environmentally concerned faculty and students from all four colleges. Its purpose is to study the environment from a broad perspective, incorporating the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.


Post-pone until Environmental Studies director can be present


  1. First readings:


Recreation Management Major Proposal; drop REC 105 as elective.


M/S/P to approve the proposal and waive the 2nd reading as corrected (REC 100 and C-S 101 had already been deleted as required courses in Spring 2007)


Recreation 449 Proposal, change required prerequisite


M/S/P to approve the proposal and waive the 2nd reading


  1. Consent Agenda:  None


  1. Old business: Chair shared 2006-2007 UCC final report.


  1. New business:


Committee discussed senate charge to gather more input from departments and chairs about the recommendation from the General Education Committee for common B.S. and B.A. requirements. Chair McDougal will solicit email feedback on this through department chairs and directors. UCC will submit report to faculty senate by November 15, 2007.


  1. Meeting adjourned 4:05 p.m.