Minutes of Undergraduate Research Committee Meeting

5pm October 17th, 2007


Present: John Benton, Gretchen Berns, Ashley Burrowes, Beth Cherne, Jordan Coffey, Jon Davies, Barbara Eide, Tim Gongaware, James Peirce, Keely Rees.

Excused Absence: John Benton

Invited Guest: Rebecca Batista,  Associate Director of the Human Performance Lab & Director, Undergraduate Fitness Program

The committee added a vice-chair officer to assist the chair with his duties.  To promote continuity in the organizational duties of the URC, the vice-chair should be a member with more than a year left of service on the URC. Tim Gongaware was elected as the vice-chair for the 2007-2008 academic year.

As of today’s deadline, we have received 42 proposals (up 3 from last fall).  The proposal packets should be delivered no later than Monday October 22nd.  Included in the packet will be a guideline for evaluating and ranking of proposals. Ballots will be given after the discussion meeting Monday October 29th.  An international education representative will be at the start of the Oct. 29th meeting to answer any questions concerning the international proposals. 

Ballots Rankings.  Each member is allocated 5 points per grant for a total of 210 points.  The rankings range from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest).  Each member cannot exceed his allotment of 210 points and must use at least 95% of the points (200 points).  To assist in the rankings, each member will receive an evaluation/scoring/comment sheet to keep notes. The chair at end of the reviewing process will collect the comment forms and strongly encourages that some comments be listed for the proposals (a rating is not necessary)

James Peirce has reserved Cowley 116 starting a 5PM for the October 29th (marathon) meeting.  Potluck food will be “served”.  Keely Rees will send out a reminder.

The committee discussed domestic vs. international fund allocations.  We have historically used domestic funds to help support international grant proposals.

Rebecca Batista visited the committee to talk about her concern with the selection of NCUR grants.  Currently the selection of NCUR support is a first-come-first-serve basis depending upon which proposals get accepted by NCUR.  Alternative ideas such as 1) revisiting the rankings of proposals from the URC, 2) having departments rank their proposals, 3) selection by lottery.   The following motion passed: “The URC will ask the Provost office for clarification on the role of the URC in deciding the selection of students supported for travel to NCUR.”

A review of the URC budget was tabled.

The committee discussed how much the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creativity Day should include the results of graduate research.  Suggestions included 1) the posters of undergraduates and graduate students should be divided into separate spaces, and 2) graduate students should have a celebration day of their own.  The discussion was tabled for a further date.

A discussion of the URC role in NCUR 2009 was tabled.

Next Meeting: Monday October 29 at 5PM in 116 Cowley Hall (bring some food to share)

Meeting ended at 6:10 p.m.

Submitted, October 26, 2007 by James Peirce.