Minutes of Undergraduate Research Committee Meeting
5 pm February 27th, 2008

Present: Vijendra Agrawal, Ashley Burrowes, Jordan Coffey, Barbara Eide, Tim Gongaware, James Peirce, Keely Rees, Omar Rivera, Bart VanVoorhis.

Meeting started at 5 pm. Tim Gongaware presented the following updates:

Posters in the Rotunda, March 5, 2008

·        Nelson Johnson, Art, “The Printmaker’s Voice in S. Africa after Apartheid.”

·        Amber Goldbeck, Biology, “Nutrient Analysis in an Urban Marsh.”

·        Rebecca O’Brien, Biology, “Identification of Mycodiversity in the Driftless Region of La Crosse, WI.”

·        Elizabeth Kaufman, Recreation Management/Therapeutic Recreation, “Effects of Montessori Painting on an Older Adult with Dementia.”

·        Katherine Schaaf, Psychology, “Empathy: Victim Impact Panels and DWI Offenders.”


·        VJ

·        Amery

·        Eric Strauss, Biology

Other Information

·        Students meeting with Cary Heyer on 2/27 to go over talking points with legislators.

·        Students mailed letters to their legislators earlier this week.


2008 Celebration 

Total undergraduate presentation: 80

·        Total poster: 59

·        Total gallery: 2

·        Total oral: 19

Total graduate presentations: 8

·        Total poster: 7

·        Total oral: 1



Oral presentations rooms reserved:  Port O’Call, 332, and 336. 

Abstract booklets will be completed by week’s end and sent to Document Services for printing (250 copies).



25 Students going

15 faculty/staff going (most to help prepare for next year’s NCUR at UW-L).  This number may go down due to budget concerns. 

On March 31, there will be an info meeting for students with free pizza. 

A sign-up proctoring the oral presentations was sent around the room.  Tim Gongaware will send the schedule for the proctors next week.

The meeting ended at 5:25.

Submitted Tuesday,  April 2, 2008 by James Peirce.