Articles & Bylaws Committee Minutes

March 6, 2009


Members present:  P. Beck, M. Devine, D. Koster


1.  Meeting called to order at 11:00 a.m. 


2.  Purpose of the meeting was to review the changes to IAS Career Progression document as submitted by Kerrie Hoar, chair of the IAS Career Progression Committee. These changes were in response to our earlier suggestions to her.  The committee reviewed the changes and approved them.


The only question was about spelling out appeal procedures.  In the Bylaws, under #3, it states that a candidate may appeal a negative decision “by writing to the Career Progression Chair.”  We thought that was somewhat ambiguous and could be interpreted in two ways.  Is that written statement by the candidate to the Chair the actual appeal or is it simply a notice by the candidate that they are going to appeal?  If the latter, what format is the appeal to take – a personal appearance before the IAS committee, a written statement or something else?


We thought language can be in found in the JPC Rules and Procedures, Appendix C, to address this concern.  The procedure is detailed, under Appeals, in the second paragraph. 


It would be our suggestion that the CPC committee incorporate similar language about the appeals procedure in the IAC Bylaws and Procedures, possibly both.   The A & B Chair will forward this suggestion to the CPC. 


Motion:  That the Articles & Bylaws Committee adopt the revised IAS Career Progression Bylaws and Guidelines subject to one final communication between the A & B Chair and Kerrie Hoar.  Motion passed.


3.  Meeting adjourned at 11:40


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Beck