The meeting was called to order by Chair Senger at approximately 8:50 a.m., Thursday, March 26, 2009 room 126 Wing.


Members present:  Czerwinski, Senger, Gendreau, Glass, Sudhakaran, Kastantin, and Poulton. (Yu has been excused from meetings this semester because of a class meeting conflict but continues to communicate with APC concerning agenda items via email.)

Guests:  Kim Vogt and Tim Mc Andrews of Archaeology.

The Archaeology Minor proposal was well documented and presented by Vogt and Mc Andrews.  There were a few points of clarification and no issues raised on the proposal.  MSP 7-0.


Agenda items that have been expected to appear in the form of proposals have not appeared at this time:  Medical Dosimetry and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:15 a.m.

Next meeting to be announced.  That meeting will include additional consideration of the APC concerning on-line education at UWL.

Respectfully submitted by

Joseph T. Kastantin, Secretary