Complaints, Grievances, Appeals and Academic Freedom Committee

Minutes of September 29, 2008

432 Carl Wimberly


Members Present:  R. Gillis, M. Haupert, W. Khandker (convener), S. Krajewski, P. Miller, J. Shanks, D. Stroud, and B. Taylor-Winfrey


Members Absent:  D. Fater


1)      The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by W. Khandker.

2)      Dean Stroud was elected chair by unanimous vote.

3)      Paul Miller was elected secretary by unanimous vote.

4)      The committee discussed the charge letter from Faculty Senate and agreed that Dean Stroud would meet with the Dean of the College of Science and Health to determine the nature of the personnel problem referred to in the special charge from senate.

5)      The committee voted unanimously to approve the guidelines for hearing complaints, grievances and appeals and communicating the results to the involved parties as outlined in  Faculty Senate Bylaw II. E. 1-5.

6)      Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.