September 2, 2008



TO:                  Paul Beck, Convener

                        Articles and Bylaws Committee


FROM:            Joe Heim, Chair

                        Faculty Senate


RE:                   Committee Charge for 2008-2009 Academic Year


This memo is intended to serve as the initial charge letter to the Articles and Bylaws Committee for the 2008-09 academic year. 


In response to concerns that, frequently, committee member turnover each year tends to slow committee work, the senate executive committee is working to find better ways to orient new committee members.  Additionally, we would like to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of committee work.  To that end, we will be trying several new ideas. 

  1. The SEC will be holding a meeting of Chairs during the week before classes in January.  The purpose of this meeting will be for committee chairs to report on progress on charges to date and discuss any problems committees may be experiencing.
  2. All members of your committee will receive an electronic copy of this charge letter.


As the convener of the Articles and Bylaws Committee, please arrange, as soon as feasible, an organizational meeting.  In addition to a chairperson, please also elect a secretary.   


 Primary responsibilities of the chairperson include:

o       promptly informing the Senate office (5-8018) the results of the election of officers and any changes in committee membership.

o       organizing and conducting meetings.

o       completing a year end report on the Articles and Bylaws Committee activities to be submitted to the Senate Office no later than May 31, 2009.


Primary responsibilities of the secretary include:

o       recording minutes of each meeting.

o       promptly sending meeting minutes to Sibbie Weathers ( so that the minutes can be posted on the faculty senate website. 


In the event the committee chooses to rotate secretarial duties, please designate one person to be responsible for e-mailing the meeting minutes to Sibbie Weathers.


According to Faculty Senate Bylaw I. D. The Articles and Bylaws Committee, the duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include:


a. Conducting an annual review of the Faculty Senate Bylaws and Policies, and forwarding recommended changes to the Faculty Senate.

b. Conducting periodic reviews of the Articles of Organization and forwarding recommended changes to the chairperson of the Faculty Senate.

c. Providing appropriate phrasing for article, bylaw and policy changes proposed to the Faculty Senate from other sources.


In addition to the committee's normal duties, I ask that the committee consider and report on the following special charges:


  • Review the IAS Career Progression Report (Kerrie Hoar, Chair) and develop by-law changes as necessary.
  • Review and discuss the “5 Year Term Rule” for membership in the General Education Committee to determine if this is too long a time to serve on one committee.


Please plan to submit a report on these charges to faculty senate at the February 5, 2009 faculty senate meeting.  If you have questions or concerns regarding these charges, please contact me at any time during the year.


Finally, if the Senate Executive Committee or I can assist your committee in any way during the year, please do not hesitate to ask.


cc:        Members, Articles & By-laws Committee