Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

February 17, 2009



Members Present: Banadzen, Buhrandt, Eide, Hunt, Periyasamy, Seebach, Steffan, Taylor-Winfrey,

Consultants Present: Schumacher, Agarwal, C. Martin-Stanley, Dittman

Members Absent: Angell (exc.), Kuffel (exc.), Finch

Guests: Severson, DiRocco


1.       Approval of February 3 ,2009 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


2.       Third reading:


Exercise and Sport Science courses and PE-teaching program proposal as recorded in the 12.02.08 minutes. The following changes were made to the program.

1) All elective credits selected by the student must be approved by the program director. 2) In Category C the wording has been changed to state emphasis requirements. 3) ESS has reformatted the last paragraph in Adventure /Outdoor education to say “Adventure/Outdoor Pursuits also is available as a concentration in programs outside of PE- teaching, such as recreation management and sport administration. Students who want to accomplish this must complete ESS 745, 765, 777, 778 plus six credits of approved electives for a total of 16 credits.”  4) Total program credits 33-36.


ESS 787  Clinical Internship in Adapted Physical Education   repeatable for a maximum of 3 credits.


M/S/P to approve the proposal



3.       First readings: none


4.       Old business: none


5.       New business: none  



Meeting adjourned: 3:47 p.m.