Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

February 3, 2009



Members Present: Angell, Buhrandt, Eide, Finch, Hunt, Kuffel, Periyasamy, Seebach, Taylor-Winfrey,

Consultants Present: Schumacher

Members Absent: Banadzen (exc.), Steffen

Guests: Severson


1.       Approval of December 2,2008 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


2.       Second readings:


Exercise and Sport Science – program revision


ESS did not have a representative present at the meeting. Committee discussed proposal and made some recommendations in order to clarify the program. Additionally, the committee still has the following questions. 1) The committee needs clarification in the elective category in the program. 2) In category C the committee recommends saying Emphasis Requirements instead of Emphasis. 3) Clarify the electives in the emphases category C stating they must be approved by program director. 4) Formatting the last paragraph “Adventure/Outdoor Pursuits also is available as concentration” differently so it is clearer and list all the classes – ESS 745. 765, 777, 778  plus 6 credits of electives for a total of 16 credit.


This was a 2nd reading; there will be a 3rd reading



3.       First readings: none


4.       Old business: none


5.       New business: none  



Meeting adjourned: 3:55p.m.