Meeting of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee

October 6, 2008

325 Main Hall



Members Attending: Michael Current, Jon Fields, Erik Kahl, Anne Galbraith (presiding), Tom Gendreau, Eric Kraemer, Tom Pribek, Cris Prucha, Robert Ragan, Don Sloan


Guests & Consultants: Scott Cooper, Chris Bakkum, Karla Burkhardt, Kenny Hunt, Betsy Knowles, Betsy Morgan


Food: pan cake with chocolate frosting



Meeting convened at 3:33pm, Galbraith presiding


M/S/P, to approve minutes of 9-29; voice vote, unanimous


announcements f/chair:

 - student info for GE waiver on website, just brief instructions

 - Bryan Kopp will attend GEC to describe his duties for WE/WIMP, probably next


Scott Cooper, chair GEAC (General Education Assessment Committee)

 - summary of committee work to date & process courses for this year: submit tool Fall, administer Spring,

  results Summer (courses not taught 2008-09 exempt)

 - breakdown of courses/dept.s: status of plans required/submitted

 - additional table of all SLOs & number plans addressing each


  "pretty good compliance for a first-time through" (84% submitted), some missing may be technical problems for submitting data or ambiguity of person responsible for submitting


Discussion & questions:


 - make data accessible to anyone?  either as models for other dept.s or public information?

 - GEC might write policy for what should be made public (e.g., exempt test questions that will be reused in classes)

 - completing feedback to incorporating assessment findings into classes is priority for North Central accreditation

 - GEAC will send info of which dept.s are "unresponsive" to GEC by Oct 17, no deadline yet for instruments submitted but under revision


Betsy Morgan, director of UWL 100

 - waiver for assessment?

  course with 11 themes can't itemize single SLO for measurement: chapter might be just a 2-hour interaction


  "it's meant to be a superficial class" in good way: broad coverage of campus


 - present classes nearly finished

   course goals "aren't compatible" with SLOs, single SLO "not particularly helpful";


   "attitudinal assessment" (indirect assessment) is conducted but not focused on an SLO


M/S/P, For present academic year, GEC will allow substitution of indirect assessment of UWL 100 for direct assessment, with understanding that it will use direct ass. next year; voice vote, one opposed



Next Meeting: Consider before meeting & be prepared to discuss

 - questions on #3 on present agenda, and any other questions for "what do you want for assessment?"

 - assessment co-ordinator idea Provost mentioned

 - equalling SLOs (e,g., 1 per credit) among courses designating anywhere from 1 to dozen+

 - compensation for GEC chair and/or director

 - UWL 100 & CST HPR "FYE" courses as permanent part of GE


M/S/P, to recommend that 5-year term limit remain for GEC members; voice vote, unanimous



Meeting adjourned at 5:25pm

Notes compiled by T Pribek