Faculty Senate General Education Committee

 November 17, 2008

   325 Main Hall


Meeting convened at 3:32pm


Members Attending: Michael Current, Jon Fields, Tom Gendreau,Anne Galbraith (presiding), Eric Kraemer, Tom Pribek, Cris Prucha, Robert Ragan, Don Sloan


Guests & Consultants: Carly Anderson, Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt, Billy Clow, Bob Hoar, Bryan Kopp, Mary Leonard, James Peirce, Bruce Riley




M/S/P, approve minutes of 11/3/08 as written; voice vote, unanimous


M/S/P, to include MTH 265, Mathematical Models in Biology (I. B,

1), presented by Bruce Riley & James Peirce; discussion & waiver

of 2nd reading; voice vote, 1 opposed


First reading, proposal to include THA 130, Multicultural U.S.

Plays: Acting the Text (II, D), presented by Beth Cherne & Mary

Leonard; performance-based, "about 2/3 research of diverse

cultures"; send to dept. chairs in Self & Society category with

deadline for feedback


M/S/P, to include THA 120, Acting for Non-Theatre Majors (II, F),

presented by Cherne & Leonard; waive 2nd reading, voice vote,



Bryan Kopp, Writing Emphasis director:

 - desire to present proposals from instructors as a package to

  reduce duplication of work; reviewed each; quantity of writing

  in each more than adequate (want some of the projects to post

  for samples):



  Eric Gansen, Physics

  Gwen Achenreiner, Marketing

  Mary Love, Education

  Maureen Colburn, Education

  Rita Chen, Education


 - unable to convene sub-committee (too late in semester)

 - reviewed files of approved proposals; used implicit criteria

  of program goals including writing to learn & informal writing

 - 4/5 are courses taught this semester (3 in EDS 408) with

  students presuming earning WE, all inherited at short notice

  (occurs with new hires)


M/S/P to approve all; voice vote, unanimous


info from chair:

 - text of final version of re-charge to GEAC

 - Art Dept. finishing ass. forms; Music Dept. response

  inadequate: invite dept. chair & director of school Art &

  Communication, to next meeting, w/memo citing "we may elect to

  remove course from GE program"


meeting adjourned 5:25pm

notes compiled by T. Pribek