Meeting of the

            Faculty Senate General Education Committee

                          April 27, 2009

                          325 Main Hall


Meeting convened at 1:10pm


Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith (presiding), Tom Gendreau,

Erik Kahl, Eric Kraemer, Tom Pribek, Cris Prucha, Bob Ragan, Don Sloan


Excused: Jon Fields


Consultants & Guests: Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt, Beth Cherne

(THA), Amelia Dittman, Tim Gerber (BIO), Mandy Hart (THA), Bob Hoar,

Emily Johnson (PSY)


M/S/P, minutes of  4-13, approved by voice vote, unanimous


Bryan Kopp, WE/WIMP, a year-end report to GE & other items

  - routinely attend 1st meeting of Fall too

  - web site: post criteria for approving applications & samples

    of successful applications

  - "recommended completion dates" (prevent typical rush, at

    beginning of semester), a "soft deadline," negotiable for

    extenuating circumstances

  - will try to contact new hires & consult during Summer, to

    get their applications in progress for Fall semester


    (all above received acquiescent approval of GE by its

    unexcited reaction)


  - recommend Michael Brennan, Soc/Ant, for WE designation,

    M/S/P, voice vote, unanimous


Tim Gerber, WIMP for BIO

  - BIO minors in Broad Field Science need more WE course

    options -  Ideas?

  - Course Substitutions or waiver for 3 existing students:

    dept. chair write letter, send to dean, to UCC

    (precedent of PSY)


Emily Johnson, for PSY

  - Delete PSY 280 (now 360) from GE II,B.B.2

   (Global/Multicultural); replace by PSY 282 (was 382);

   renumbering done

  - M/S/P, approve & waive 2nd reading, voice vote, unanimous


Beth Cherne & Mandy Hart, for THA

  - THA 201, Dramatic Literature and Theatre Arts

    (replace an Honors course), in GE II,F

  - open to non-majors interested in performance

  - M/S/P, approve & waive 2nd reading, voice vote, unanimous


Resume SLO review draft, as updated

  - M/S/P, recommend to GE of 2009-10 for further consideration,

    voice vote, unanimous

  - probably post on line or email to campus


Adjournment 2:20


notes compiled by T. Pribek