Friday, June 6, 2009  -  10:00 a.m.

325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:        Rob Dixon, Dave Reineke, Jim Finch, Ashley Olson, Tom Kernozek, Vijendra Agarwal, Michele Thorman, Bernadette Taylor-Winfrey, Kenny Hunt

Members Excused:       S.N. Rajagopal, Carol Angell, Kristin Van Vleet, Glenn Wright

Consultants Present:    Charles Martin-Stanley, Amelia Dittman, Ray Abhold, Bruce May

Guests:                           Steve Senger


The meeting was called to order at 1:03 pm by Rob Dixon.


1.                  Announcements


2.                  Chairperson’s explanation of IELTS scoring system and discussion about English proficiency requirements


(a)    IELTS Guide for Stakeholders March 2009

(b)   IELTS SpeakingFinals

(c)    IELTS Writing T1


3.                  MBA request


M/S/P (9-0-0) to move into closed session.


M/S/P (9-0-0) to waive the minimum IELTS language proficiency score of 6 and accept a score of 5.5 for three students in the MBA program.


4.                  Approval of Professional Travel grants


M/S/P (9-0-0) to approve the Professional Travel grant requests forwarded by the Graduate Council Executive Committee.


M/S/P (9-0-0) to move out of closed session.


5.                  MSE request


M/S/P (8-1-0) to waive the minimum IELTS language proficiency score requirement for all students in Cohort 4 with a grade of “B” or higher in the two courses taught by UW-L faculty in the SCUN program.


Meeting adjourned:  2:06 pm



Respectfully submitted,


Dave Reineke


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