2:00 p.m.                                     October 31, 2008                            327 Graff Main Hall

PRESENT: Sheila Perkins, Elise Denlinger, Robin McCannon, Barb Gander, Robert Eberle, Lisa Caya, Paul Reuteman, Glenn Knowles 

1.     Minutes of the October 10, 2008 meeting were approved

2.     Revisions to chapters 8-13 of the UW-L Employee Handbook were discussed.  We await action by the Academic Staff Council and the administration on this matter.

3.     Individual Development Plan

Discussion continued on the sample IDPs, Position Description, and Checklist.  The need for the Checklist and requirement that the Checklist and IDP be filed with HR was questioned.  This would be the responsibility of the department and/or dean’s office.  The chair was to make some inquiries.  The next meeting would continue with a discussion of IDP.

4.     Next meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 21 at 2:00.  Room TBA.


Adjourned at 3:00


Respectfully submitted by Glenn Knowles