Minutes of the Instructional Academic Staff Career Progression Committee



Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

2:15 pm, 116 Cowley


Present:                                Sue Anglehart, George Arimond, Elise Denlinger, Kerrie Hoar, David Howard, Melissa Wallace.


  1. Minutes. Minutes for 12/10/08 were unanimously approved as amended (adjournment time was rectified).  
  1. Membership. Expansion and / or the makeup of the IAS CPC were discussed.
  1. The goal is to rotate Senior Lecturers onto the committee as they become available. Kerrie has encouraged IAS via email to consider requesting placement on this committee.
  2. Several options were discussed regarding whether or not there should be any tenured faculty on the CPC. More extensive conversation revolved around the possible inclusion of an ad hoc member from each Dean’s office, or an administrator, to provide oral input but no vote. No motion was made.
  3. Expansion of the number of members was discussed. A motion was unanimously passed to expand membership to 7 members (6 members plus the current Chair of the IAS Committee), with the goal of at least one representative from each College.
  1. By-laws.  
  1. Kerrie proposed changes which involve pulling the timeline table out of the current IAS by-laws, and re-ordering some of the contents in order to resemble JPC more closely.
  2. The Provost has expressed a desire to write the final career progression letters herself, copying in Human Resources, as opposed to having HR issue the letters.
  3. A change in wording would allow candidates with an unfavorable vote to appeal directly to the CPC.
  4. Proposed changes will be sent on to Faculty Senate.
  1. Other business.
  1. It was suggested that the reasons for any “no” recommendations for career progression also be included in the letter forwarded to the Provost next year (as opposed to a simple “yes” or “no” recommendation).
  2. George suggested an early meeting next fall to discuss the way materials are submitted, possibly by having Bob Hoar give us a demonstration – this would be helpful to Chairs and others who have to submit materials. Kerrie currently does a demonstration in her IAS workshop.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Wallace