International Education Committee Meeting Minutes February 16, 2009


Members Present: Deborah Buffton, Kay Dailey, Gary Gilmore, Curt Reithel, Sheryl Tuttle Ross, Kuang Wei Wen

Guests: Beth Cherne, Tim McAndrews and Christine Hippert.



Meeting called to order at 4 pm

  1. Beth Cherne gave an overview of Faculty-led Study Tour to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is an alternative location for a previously approved study tour so no vote was necessary. The committee made comments intended to be helpful.
  2. Tim McAndrews and Christine Hippert gave us an overview of the Bolivia Archeology Field School.  They reported on the trip last year and on their plans for this year’s expedition. Since this program is a continuing one that has been previously approved. No votes were needed. The committee asked about alternative funding sources and was pleased to hear Tim and Christine’s plans on the matter.
  3. The committee received seven standing charges as well as four special charges. We made reviewed the progress on all charges.  We have dealt with all seven standing charges, and two of the immediate charges regarding total amount of International Development Fund and Per Person Funding Amount. I expect to meet with International Task Force in March which is special charge one.  The fourth charge, review status of international housing, had a strong beginning in November, and we will have a follow up meeting February 20th.
  4. We have two more meeting planned this spring. March 23 at 4pm. Gary Gilmore will have UK Study Tour Review. I will update on status of International Task Force charge and on housing meeting. April 20th at 4pm we will review a draft of our year end report.


Meeting Adjourned. 4:45.


Submitted by Sheryl Tuttle Ross