Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 23, 2008



Members Present: Berlin, Friesen, Rolfhus, Secchi, Socha, Sullivan, Zheng                               

Consultants Present: Clow, Dittman, Richter, Schumacher

Members Absent: Johnson, (exc) Ahmed, Decker, Van Winkle

Guests: Manrique, Arney, Severson



1.       Approval of September 9,2008 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


2.       Second readings:


POL   316   Ethics Management in Government   3cr.,   New course, effective Spring 2009.

(Revised title and description from previous meeting)

           This course will include: an introduction to ethics management; a discussion of the U.S. constitutional and administrative environment in which officials carry out their duties; descriptions and assessments of the tools available to elected and appointed officials who are committed to building ethical organizations; a review of existing ethics management programs in American cities and counties; and a review of legislative and administrative measures taken by Congress, presidents, the judiciary and the fifty states to foster ethical government. 


M/S/P to approve the proposal 


SOC   326   Sociopharmacology   3cr.,   Course revision-- change in prerequisites, title and course description, effective Fall 2009


2nd reading postponed


BIO    202   Introduction to Biological Data Analysis and Interpretation:  2cr.,  New Course, effective J Term 2009


2nd reading postponed


3.       First readings: None


4.   Consent Agenda:


      Change Department/Program prefixes for the following, effective Fall 2009

        Computer Science from C-S to: CS

        Health Professions from H-P to: HP

        Radiation Therapy from R-T to: RT

        Information Systems from I-S to: IS

        Curriculum and Instruction from C-I to: CI

        Military Science from M-S to: MS

                Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies from W-S to: WGS


CHM  407  2cr.   Biophysical Chemistry;  2 cr., course revision,  change prerequisites, effective Fall 2009

CHM 417 or CHM 325; MTH 207: MTH 250 265 or MTH 208 or concurrent enrollment

in either of these; PHY 104 or PHY 204 PHY 103 or 203 and PHY 104 or 204


M/S/P to approve the consent agenda items ( Note: technically, prefix changes make all numbers available again)


     5.        Old business:  none


6.          New business:


Faculty Senate UCC Charges:



Faculty Senate UCC Charges: Discussion noted in italics


·         Please communicate with departments and request they delay the effective dates of any curriculum changes until fall of 2009, to coincide with the printing of the new undergraduate catalog and with the implementation date of the new Student Information System  (SIS)

Registrar Bakkum will send chairs a memo reminding them of this; also discussed at Deans’ Council and Chairs’ meeting at beginning of year.


·         Please review the issue of “hidden” prerequisites (see UCC final report, 2007-2008, enclosed) with the Registrar to determine if any recommendation regarding this issue is appropriate.

The issue remains.


·         Determine if a “common format” for each department be incorporated into the new catalog is desirable or necessary.

Committee is not too concerned about this; reasonable consistency exists.


·         Determine whether the use of “hyperlinked” within the electronic on - line catalog be considered or a means of making cross - checks of listed requirements more simple.

Schumacher will check with Bakkum for ideas (NOTE: PeopleSoft hyperlinks automatically)


·         Review the 40 credits limit for majors and recommend if this policy needs clarification.

Committee is interested in reviewing; will consider rewriting policy and providing more flexibility. Need to determine what credits count—include or exclude prerequisites.


·         Review data related to the ratio of students graduating with a BS vs. a BA to determine if an “imbalance” exists and whether this need to be addresses through curriculum changes.

Chair Rolfhus will discuss the reason for this particular charge.



7.                  General Education Course Substitutions:

·          GEL 00L  Literature of Old Testament and New Testament from

                  Wartburg College for ENG 200 (Lit and Humanities category)



         Meeting Adjourned: 4:43