Present: Grunwald (Chair), Cloud, Cravins, Dickmeyer, Knowles, Kopp, Longhurst, Mortell, Thoune, Tollefson, Toribio


Excused: Nelson, Rivera


Chair Sandy Grunwald called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM.


I.                    Minutes from Feb. 2 and from Feb. 19 were approved unanimously (10-0-0—Tollefson had not yet arrived).


II.                  Linda Dickmeyer and Heather Mortell presented their initial findings regarding the Environmental Studies Minor.  The ES minor is a “free-standing” minor, so it is not housed in any department and is an interdisciplinary minor.  Along with Linda and Heather’s findings (along with input from student representative Kristi Nelson), James Longhurst gave his perspective as an instructor for one of the course options in this program.


Discussion took place regarding the issues with the environmental studies minor.  Linda and Heather are going to do some more research, revise their report and recommendations for the ES minor, and bring the resulting document back to the APR committee prior to submission to Faculty Senate.


III.               Due to a lack of time, the APR committee will meet again next week (March 5) to get an update on Community Health Education, allow Darci and Mary to ask questions regarding the Physical Education/Teacher Education 3-year progress report, and the reviewers of the physical therapy program will give their initial findings for the PT’s program review.



Meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Tollefson