May 20, 2010


TO:  Faculty Senate


FROM:  Sandy Grunwald, APR Committee Chair


RE:  Academic Program Review Committee Year End Report for 2009-2010


During the 2009-2010 academic year, the APR committee completed reviews of the following Departments/Programs:


  • Recreation Management/Therapeutic Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Environmental Studies Minor
  • PETE – 3 year progress report
  • Community Health Education
  • Biochemistry – 5 year new program review


Other items that the committee accomplished are:

1)  The APR Self Study Report guidelines approved in April 2006 state that all APR materials should be submitted in electronic form.  To facilitate this process, a D2L site was developed and all program directors/departmental chairs (and associate deans) that are slated to submit APR materials up to FY11 were informed of this new process.  This hopefully will facilitate electronic submission and make reviewing self study materials less cumbersome.


2) The APR committee addressed the committee charge to review the role of the Provost in the APR process.  After much discussion, the committee’s recommendation on this issue was brought forth to faculty senate.  The additional charges given to the committee were not addressed. 


Further considerations:

1)  With the APR Committee involved this year in reviewing the Biochemistry 5 year new program report, the committee would like the role of the APR committee in this process better defined for future reviews.  If APR is to continue to play a role in this process, a template for such reviews should be created. 


2)  Additionally, it is noted that for the Environmental Studies minor APR report one recommendation was “Faculty Senate should assign an Ad-Hoc Committee to further review and suggest direction for the development of the Environmental Studies minor. This committee will work closely with the current director to address” several issues.  It is the understanding of the APR Committee that SEC will discuss this issue and decide on how or if this should be pursued. 


3)  Lastly, I want to acknowledge the work that the APR committee members put into reviewing the self study reports this year.  This is not an easy or straight forward process and the committee members put in a lot of work to complete these reviews.  Much work needs to be done next year to review the 3 self studies that have already been submitted and those that will undoubtly be completed in the near future.