May 5, 2010


To: Becky LeDocq, Chair, Faculty Senate


From: Sheryl Tuttle Ross, Chair, International Education Committee


RE: Summary of IEC work for academic year 2009-2010


We met nine times this year to address standing and special charges presented in Memo from Faculty Senate dated August 17, 2009.


With respect to the special charges:

a)      “In coordination with the Office of International Education, continue to review and monitor the status of International Housing issues and make appropriate recommendations.”  We had a meeting October 19th dedicated to just this issue. We were informed by Bob Hetzel that tentative plans were being made to address the housing needs of International students/scholars with apartments in downtown La Crosse. The Amity scholars would be addressed in a similar manner. Barbara Rusterholz and Jean Janecki previewed the apartments and found advantages and disadvantages to the arrangements. We believe that we have fulfilled the charge of facilitating the conversation.

b)      “Continue the collaboration with the Select Committee on Internationalization concerning future of International Website.” We continued to offer suggestions at meetings and through feedback forms, and many members of the committee were pleased to be present at the unveiling of the website on October 8, 2010.


With respect to the standing charges:

a)      We received, reviewed and approved the following faculty led study tours: J-term Egypt with Dr. David Anderson; May term trip to Granada, Spain with Don Socha; May term trip to Bolivia with Peter Stovall; Canadian Health Promotion Trip Spring 2011 with Gary Gilmore; SAA J-term South Africa with Jon Hageseth (pending successful reading at this meeting).

b)      We received, reviewed and accepted post trip assessments from the following: Tim McAndrews, Bolivia Archeology Field School, Gary Gilmore, Canadian Health Promotions Tour, Sheri Ross (Gary Gilmore filled in as chair of committee while I presented,) J-term 2009 Tanzania, Scott Stine, J-term 2009 India, Nick Nicklaus, SAA Scotland 2009, Kaye Schendel and Carolyn Bald, J-term Vietnam 2009, and Alternative Spring Break Jamaica 2009, Darlene Lake, Bunche, Ecuador Service Learning J-term 2010,  Rob Tyser, Costa Rica J-term 2008.  The Scotland, Vietnam, Jamaica, Ecuador and Costa Rica trips were approved for continuation with the current paperwork.


With respect to other matters:

a)      We consulted with the Undergraduate Research Committee to recommend a signature line for the faculty leaders, if student who apply for international undergraduate research grants intend to conduct research during a faculty led study tour. The Undergraduate Research Committee agreed with our proposal, and a signature line now appears on the application.

b)      We discussed lacunae in Digital Measures program to accurately reflect faculty/staff efforts to internationalize university. The chair met with Bob Hoar who will be suggesting some changes to Digital Measures.