Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

2009-2010 Final Report


Committee Members: Rafique Ahmed, Cynthia Berlin (Chair), Tammy Fisher, Ryan Friesen,

Emily Johnson, Joseph Kastantin, Janet Kirsch, Riley Moore (Student), Bradley Seebach, Donald Socha, Catherine Urbas (Student), David Wermedal (Student).


Registrar: Chris Bakkum

Recorder: Corrine Means



In addition to the Committee’s usual duties (hearing and approving changes to curricula), the Committee was charged with two responsibilities for the 2009-2010 academic year:


1. Review existing policies to determine whether they are sufficient for the review of courses with an online component.


2.  As stated on the Records and Registration webpage, the LX 138C Form is “used to make any change to a course including description, prerequisite(s), credits, title, grading pattern, instructional pattern, course number.” This would seem to indicate that UCC approval is required for a change in course format, in particular a shift to offering a course as a hybrid or online course. Discuss the question of what changes should require UCC approval and, if needed, develop policies to re-review existing courses undergoing such changes. Make any appropriate recommendations to Senate.


Response to the Charge:

The Committee created a sub-committee to investigate different possibilities on how to address online courses and the LX form.  The subcommittee consisted of Cynthia Berlin, Bradley Seebach and Ryan Friesen.  The Graduate Curriculum Committee received the same charges, thus the subcommittee met with the Chair of the GCC to discuss the charges.  In addition, the sub-committee carefully reviewed the draft online guidelines prepared by Brian Udermann, Director of Online Education, and Kristin Koepke, as well as material from a previous UCC that discussed these same issues. 


The full Committee discussed the options presented by the subcommittee and other possible responses to the charge in length over numerous meetings.  Brian Udermann was invited to discuss the charges with the Committee on several occasions.  The Committee would like to commend Brian Udermann and Kristin Koepke for their work on developing online guidelines.

As a result of these discussions, the Committee made the following recommendations:


a. Existing courses that are already taught online or have an online component should not be required to return to UCC for re-review.  In addition, existing courses that are converted to online format also should not be required to return to UCC for re-review.  Instead, these course changes should be noted by the registrar and sent to the UCC as an informational item.


b. New courses proposed to UCC that will be taught online or have an online component as a hybrid course should have “online format” included on the LX form (as a checked box) and include appropriate documentation.


The Committee felt that if content was not being changed then a course should not need re-review because of a change in presentation method.  It was noted by the Registrar, Chris Bakkum, that changing from classroom to online is now only a section number change.  The Committee was also in agreement that each department is the best judge as to whether or not a course can be effectively taught online. 


Recommendation for Future UCC Charge:

We recommend that next year’s Committee review the membership of the committee and define what constitutes a quorum for the UCC.  Attendance at UCC meetings this past year has been low for a number of meetings, and it has been difficult to maintain a quorum.



Finally, the UCC would like to express its appreciation and sincere thanks to the Registrar, Chris Bakkum, for her service and work on the Committee.  We also want to thank Corrine Means for serving as Recorder, Sue Knudson for operating the overhead display, and Kathy Eirschele for her work on developing the electronic LX forms. 


Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia Berlin

Chair, UCC 2009-2010