Meeting of the Faculty Senate

                   General Education Committee

                          325 Main Hall

                        February 15, 2010


Meeting convened at 3:35pm, Galbraith presiding


Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau,

 Jean Hindson, Gerald Iguchi, Riley Moore, James Pierce, Tom Pribek,

 Robert Ragan, Don Sloan


Note: R. Moore, new student rep., introduced


Guests & Consultants: Chris Bakkum, Amelia Dittman, Bob Hoar, Troy Richter


M/S/P, Minutes of 2/1/10; voice vote, approved, one abstaining



 - data f/GEAC: many SLOs not/lightly assessed

 - need to require different? (solicit for using grant money?)

 - dept.s gravitating to a "more comprehensive" SLO than a "subset"?

 - Need to eliminate/conflate more SLOs?

 - Give process more time to compare data before drawing conclusions?


M/S/P, Continue assessment process on yearly basis, through the

  2010-11 academic year; voice vote, unanimous


Appeal to GEC for rejected instrument? (suggested by GEAC)

 - still nothing on line to replace GEAC after next year; FS

  hasn't acted yet on extending or creating permanent committee

 - could request feedback from chairs on what instructors

  liked/disliked about process


Request that the food (chocolate brownies) be passed around, with

  adjournment approaching


Inquiry: need to submit new 140 form for changing name & prerequisite?

  Yes, if changing content of course


Bob Hoar, for vice chancellor office

 - grant funding restored for next year

 - perhaps increase grant & solicit for GE program review; do

  something beyond regular review of a course assessment

 - office will support 5-person team (this year's budget) for

  up-coming conference: hear what others doing


4:25pm, meeting adjourned


Notes compiled by T. Pribek