Meeting of the Faculty Senate

                   General Education Committee

                          325 Main Hall

                         March 29, 2010



Meeting convened at 3:35pm, Galbraith presiding


Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau, Jean Hindson, 

 Gerald Iguchi, Riley Moore, James Pierce, Tom Pribek, Robert Ragan,

 Don Sloan


Guest & Consultants: Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt, Amelia Dittman, Bob   

 Hoar, Tim Walls; English Dept., Virginia Crank, Susan Crutchfield, 

 Haixia Lan, Darci Thoune


M/S/P, Minutes of 3/1/10, with Gerald Iguchi recorded as attending,

 Don Sloan excused; voice vote, unanimous


New Course, ENG 112, proposal from English Dept:

-  most freshman will take ENG 110 or 112; AP credit will be awarded to

   those in 112 or could take 112 but choose to take 110 (AP 4); ENG 110

   will be waived for AP 5 score; begin Spring 2011

(Eau Claire & River Falls already following this model)

-  Can the AP credits count for GE (as elective) or just credit to    

   graduate? – discussed, no action taken

 -  M/S/P, voice vote, unanimous

 -  language for catalog changes:

      1. add ENG 112 to the “first 60 credit of GE” rule

      2. “Students receiving less than a grade of C in CST 110 and/or

         ENG 110/12 must repeat the course” and eliminate rest of   

         “note” on p. 49 of current catalog (ref. to “second writing    

         course” & ENG 303-09)   

      3. eliminate “composition” under “A. Literacy” (p. 49): “Courses   

         in this area include writing and oral communication”


Discussion, M/S/P, approve FINAL DRAFT charge to GEAC, after 

 GEC chair consulted with GEAC; voice vote, unanimous


Discussion, assessment as a free-standing, independent FS comm.;

 no action taken


Meeting adjourned at 4:40pm

Notes compiled by Pribek