Meeting of the Faculty Senate

                   General Education Committee

                          325 Main Hall

                          April 19, 2010




Meeting convened at 3:32pm, Galbraith presiding


Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau, Jean Hindson, Gerald Iguchi, Riley Moore, James Pierce, Tom Pribek, Bob Ragan, Don Sloan


Guests & Consultants: Chris Bakkum, Amelia Dittman, Kathleen Enz Finken, Troy Richter


M/S/P, minutes of 4/5/10, as amended below, to clarify new English  composition requirement; voice vote, J. Hindson abstained

 ·         Starting this fall for new students, a minimum grade of “C”        is required in ENG 110 (or 112 for those who take that) to satisfy the literacy requirement.  (This is a change from the BC grade previously required).  Further, there is no composition requirement beyond ENG 110 or 112. 

·         Students no longer earn credit for ENG 110 with scores of 3 and 4 on the AP English test.


Bryan Kopp, for WE/WIMP

-    will submit memo of Chemistry Dept. WIMP proposal (arrived 4/26)

-    all new WE instructor proposals approved, after discussion;

 names will be submitted to Nancy Jones, registration

Anderson, Melissa




Haried, Peter




Longhurst, James




Lybeck, Marti




Perroy, Ryan




Rosacker, Kris




Tippins, Steve




Wagner, Jeremiah




Review of spreadsheet breaking down SLOs by assessment level

 (from “exemplary” to “fail”) & update of assessment returns for this     


-    slightly less participation than last year, and some results

awaiting the official dept. “submit-button pusher”

-    some courses’ tool denied this time (80% compared to 93% last year); various corrections to delinquent list needed for “exempt” courses and course # changes; other causes mysterious

-    GEC chair will inquire of dept. chair & “submit-button” pusher:

compliance is required


Meeting adjourned at 4:12pm

Notes compiled by T. Pribek