Meeting of the

            Faculty Senate General Education Committee

                       September, 21, 2009

                          325 Main Hall


Meeting convened at 3:35pm


Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith (convener), Tom

Gendreau, Jean Hindson, Gerald Iguchi, James Peirce, Tom Pribek, Bob Ragan, Don Sloan, Kara Zwieg


Consultants & Guests: Chris Bakkum, Amelia Dittman


M/S/P, minutes of 4-27-09, voice vote, unanimous


M/S/P, elect Anne Galbraith chair, without opposition; elect Tom

 Pribek secretary, with only his mild opposition



 - assessment update, from ad hoc GEAC

    1. some dept.s "not in compliance" with 1st round of


 - awaiting GEAC materials

 - student appeal of a Course Substitution denial by dept.


SLO revisions & conclusions (for now)

 - chairs, program dir.s & affected courses (using SLOs altered)

   have been notified of changes; no one "adversely affected"

   according to feedback given to GE chair

 - this is a recommendation to FS, which it will have to approve

 - final tinkering:


    IV. 6. = "Articulate one's own moral values, explain

    processes one uses to make ethical decisions, or examine

    one's perspective on current ethical issues"


    IV. 9. = "Analyze the effect one's decisions and choices have

    on self & others"


 - M/S/P, as modified today for FS adoption, voice vote, unanimous


cite FS charge to GE

 - WE

 - proposal of student completion of certain courses before 30

   credits, f/the "salvage" project


Meeting adjourned at 4:25pm


Notes compiled by T. Pribek