Promotion, Tenure and Salary

Meeting Minutes


Date: Monday, October 19, 2009

Place: 432 Wimberly Hall

Time: 1:10 PM


Present: Achenreiner, Cashion, Cooper, Delgado, Krajewski, McAndrews, Miskowski, Rajagopal      
Absent: Olson           


  1. Discuss charge to:  Continue to closely monitor the use of Recruitment and Retention Funds.  Report due to faculty senate by the November 12, 2009 meeting.  Tabled to collect further data.


2.      Discuss charge to:  Closely monitor UW-L’s implementation of the UW-System Furlough Policy and make any recommendations concerning needed changes. Consider the question of whether expectations for retention, promotion and tenure need to be adjusted to reflect lost time. Report due to faculty senate by the December 3, 2009 meeting.


Approve following statement (M/S/P) 8/0/0

PTS Statement DRAFT regarding Adjustments in Work Expectations due to Furlough Policy

The PTS Committee recommends that adjustments to expectations for retention, promotion and tenure are not necessary due to the implementation of the UW-System Furlough Policy. The committee views the furlough policy as a reduction in pay more so than a reduction in work expectations. This recommendation is based on the temporary nature of the furlough policy (two years); difficulty of implementing adjustments due to furlough; and the clock stoppage policies that are already available. If the furlough policy is renewed for another two year period, becomes on-going or permanent, this issue should be readdressed.   


3.      Monitor any issues that may arise related to collective bargaining as the year progresses. Jennifer Miskowski will update.  It is now legal to unionize.  Each campus has the option to form a union and the respective governance groups for UW-L faculty and Instructional Academic Staff are educating themselves and discussing their options. 


4.      Discussed School of Education Director role with Dan Duquette.  The director will report directly to the Provost.  The definition of SOE faculty has been clarified and does not need to be reviewed.  The SOE Director will convey DPI requirements for a position to the department and consult with department during the recruiting process.  The consultation could include contributing to the position description, reviewing applicants, and/or participation in the interview process.  The SOE Director should review a SOE candidate’s work as a teacher and provide written comments to the department, but will not have a vote on tenure or promotion of the candidate.  The role of the SOE Director in personnel actions should be assessed periodically.


5.      Minutes from 10/05/09 were accepted with modifications outlined in item 5 above.  (M/S/P) 8/0/0.     


Adjourned 2:10


Respectfully submitted,

Scott Cooper