Minutes of the Promotion, Tenure, and Salary Committee

March 22, 2010

1:10 p.m. in 432 Wimberly


Present:  Achenreiner, Cashion, Cooper, Delgado, S. Krajewski, McAndrews, Miskowski, Rajagopal 


Guests: Provost Enz-Finken, Bob Hoar


1.      M/S/P (8-0-0):  Minutes from February 8 were approved as amended.


2.      A brief discussion of the Recruitment & Retention Funds followed, with a focus on the report that had been generated by the committee.  Delgado provided a synopsis of the meeting between PTS Committee representatives with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.  In short, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee requested that the PTS committee provide specific recommendations in their report and also that PTS meet with the Provost to gain greater understanding about the distribution of Recruitment & Retention Funds.


3.      Provost Enz-Finken and Bob Hoar joined the PTS Committee for a discussion about the distribution of Recruitment & Retention funds.  The highlights of the discussion are summarized here to aid in future discussion of these funds.  The Provost emphasized that the criteria handed down from the UW System have changed over the years and could be subject to future changes.  Furthermore, different UWS campuses have interpreted the information differently, or been subject to information that has not been universally shared due to requests for clarification or advice regarding a particular circumstance.  The Provost stated that the funds are not intended to be equitably distributed, or even proportionally distributed, between colleges.  Rather, the definition of high-demand faculty/IAS or mission-critical academic disciplines is used as a guide for these decisions.  This definition is described in the UW-La Crosse BY 2009-2010 Budget – Faculty Recruitment and Retention Funding Plan under point three. http://www.uwlax.edu/FacultySenate/43rd/FS%20Mtgs/5-7-09/RecruitmentRetentionFundingPlan%20(2).pdf


The Provost stated that the four bullet points that comprise the definition of a high-demand faculty/IAS or mission-critical academic discipline are not prioritized, but rather, they are all considered in a holistic fashion.


4.      Meeting was adjourned at 2:18 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Miskowski, PTS Committee Member