(Draft) Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

                                                        January 26, 2010



Members Present: Berlin, Ahmed, Seebach, Kirsch, Fisher, Kastantin, Friesen, Moore, Urbas

Consultants Present: Herling, Dittman, Bakkum, Means

Members absent: Wermedal, excused members-Socha, Johnson  

Consultants not present: Jax, Burkhardt, Keller    

Guests: Jim Larson, Kim Vogt, Dave Reineke, David Koster, Chia-Chen Yu, Pat DiRocco, and Brian Udermann



1.     Approval of December 8, 2009 minutes.


            M/S/P to approve minutes


2.     Second readings:   

A.     Exercise  and Sport Science

Sport Management Emphasis – change in credits required from 59 to 62; added 3 new courses as required (ESS 407, 421, 432); moved ESS 201, 302, 303 from required to elective; moved ECO 320 from elective to required; dropped HED 409, 439, 473, MGT 300 as electives. Dropped physical fitness test from admissions requirements. All effective Fall 2010.


ESS 410, prerequisite change – deleted ESS 201, effective Fall 2010


ESS 407, new course - Sport Management and Society, 3 cr., effective Fall 2010


ESS 421, new course - Sport Operations Management/Event and Venue Management, 3 cr., effective Fall 2010


ESS 432, new course - Financial Aspects of Sport, 3 cr., effective Fall 2010


  1.  First readings:


A.    History/ARC

HIS/ARC 275, change in when offered from occasionally to once every 3rd    semester.


            M/S/P approve on 1st reading


B.    Military Science

MS 402, prerequisite change – deleting consent; change in when offered from Fall and Spring to Spring only.  


 M/S/P approve on 1st reading



C.    Mathematics

MTH 443/543-new course, Categorical Data Analysis-3 cr., effective Fall even years, 2010


 M/S/P approve on 1st reading



D.    Consent agenda:


E.    Informational Items: None


F.    Old business:  


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Online Charge Recommendation

After reviewing the formal charge given by the 2009-2010 Senate Executive Committee and the Policies for Online Education draft document, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee makes the following recommendation to the Faculty Senate regarding review of online course proposals.


Existing courses that are already taught online or have an online component should not be required to return to UCC for re-review. In addition, existing courses that are converted to online format also should not be required to return to UCC for re-review. Instead, these course changes should be noted by Registrar and sent as an informational item to the UCC committee. The decision to place a course online should be made by the department, since they are best suited to judge the appropriateness of the course material for online instruction.


New courses proposed to UCC that will be taught online or have an online component as a hybrid course should have “online format” included on the LX form (as a checked box) and include appropriate documentation.


     M/S/P approved with one abstention



G.    New business: Modeled new LX forms.




Meeting adjourned: 4:47 p.m.