Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

                                                      November 24, 2009



Members Present: Berlin, Johnson, Ahmed, Seebach, Friesen, Fisher, Kirsch, Socha, Kastantin, Moore, Kedrowski

Consultants Present: Keller, Dittman, Knudson, Means

Members absent: Wermedal

Consultants not present: Jax, Herling, Burkhardt, exc. – Bakkum

Guests: Shane Van Dalsem, Kuang Wei Wen, Kim Vogt, Bruce Riley, Tom Gendreau,    Kyung Hoon Yang, Steven Senger, Jeff Bryan, Susannah Lloyd, Bruce May, Brian Udermann



      Approval of November 10, 2009 minutes.


     M/S/P to approve minutes


1.     Second readings:  None


  1. Third readings: 

A.    IS 220, change course description, prerequisites changes, drop CS 103 and 104, course credit change from 3 to 4, Effective Fall  2010.

M/S/P approve on 3rd reading.


B.    CBA-Business core changes, drop CS 103 and 104 as requirements on CBA core, retro to all catalogs.

      M/S/P approve on 3rd reading.


  1. First readings:  

A.    Nuclear Medicine Technology

Program course requirement changes (adding CHM 325 and HP 250 as choices; dropping MIC 460 and replacing it with MIC 406). Retro to all catalogs.


M/S/P approve on 1st reading.


B.    Anthropology/Archaeology

New course, ANT/ARC 373, 3 credits, The Sky in Human Cultures, Effective Spring 2010.


M/S/P approve on 1st reading.


4.     Consent agenda:  None


5.     Informational Items: None


6.     Old business: Joint Online Charge Recommendation- draft from the sub-committee (UCC and GCC) Per Brian Udermann, the draft of the UW-L Online Policies and Guidelines is being presented to Faculty Senate on December 17th. Committee decided to review Brian’s policy manual and will continue charge discussions at the next meeting.  


7.     New business: none




Meeting adjourned: 4:35 p.m.