(Draft) Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

                                                             December 8, 2009



Members Present: Berlin, Ahmed, Seebach, Kirsch, Socha, Kastantin, not a forum.

Consultants Present: Keller, Dittman, Burkhardt, Bakkum, Means

Members absent: Fisher, Wermedal, excused members-Friesen, Johnson, Moore, Kedrowski

Consultants not present: Jax, Herling,    

Guests: Mark Johnson, Kim Vogt, Vincent Her, Steven Senger, Betsy Morgan, and Brian Udermann



1.     Approval of November 24, 2009 minutes.


           M/S/P to approve minutes


2.     Second readings:  None


  1.  First readings:

A.    Military Science Minor-program change

Deleting EFN 347 and EFN 447, adding ENG 308, GEO 110, GEO 300 and POL 202 as electives. Effective Fall 2010 for all new catalogs.


M/S/P approve on 1st reading.


B.    Anthropology

ANT 215, New course, Refugees, Displaced Persons and Transnational Communities,

3 credits, Effective Spring 2010

ANT 321, New course, Images, Visual Culture and Anthropology, 3 credits, Effective Spring 2010


M/S/P approve on 1st reading.


C.    Computer Science

CS 352, course revision, course description, offered Spring even years. Effective Fall 2009

CS 370, course revision, spelling correction

CS 402/502, New Course, Web Application Development, 3 credits. Effective Spring 2010.

CS 410/510, New Course, Free and Open Source Software Development, 3 credits. Effective Spring 2010.

CS 456/556, New Course, Secure Software Development, 3 credits. Effective Spring 2010.


M/S/P approve on 1st reading.


D.    Psychology

PSY 331, revision, credits changed from 2 to 4, title change, Experimental Psychology: Lecture & Laboratory (combined content from PSY 331 and 332)

PSY 332, course deletion

Prerequisite changes in PSY 334, PSY 335, PSY 410/510, PSY 420/520, PSY 430, PSY 431, PSY 434, PSY 435, PSY 436, PSY 439, PSY 451, PSY 461, and PSY 489.

                  Prerequisite changes were all PSY course changes.


M/S/P approve on 1st reading.


  1. Consent agenda:   Psychology Major-added PSY 420 to category II and deleted PSY 332; added PSY 436 to category V; added PSY 431 to category VI.

Child and Youth Care Emphasis- added HED 207, RTH 400, RTH 401, WS 376 to category B2; added HED 425, PSY 490, and SOC 321 to category B5; added CST 354 to category D; added CST 365 to category E; added CST 215 and PSY 282 to category F; added CST 380, HED 345 and HED 474 to category G. O.K. by committee.


5.     Informational Items: None


6.     Old business: Continued discussion of Online Policies and Guidelines.  Cynthia Berlin wrote up Online Charge Recommendation. She will e-mail a draft for the committee to consider at the January 26, 2010 meeting.


7.     New business: none




Meeting adjourned: 4:32 p.m.