Minutes of the
Undergraduate Research Grant Committee
Meeting held on February 8, 2010
432 CWH

Present:                        Katelynn Williams, Bonnie Bratina, Tony Docan-Morgan, Kathryn Birkeland, Nicholas Downey, Aric Opdahl, Nicole Johnson, Gretchen Berns 

Absent:                        Omar Rivera, Tim Gongaware  

Excused:                      Lalita Pandit Hogan, Vijendra Agrawal 

  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Kathryn Birkeland at 7:45 AM
  2. Approval of November 20, 2009 minutes 
  3. Determine schedule of meetings for spring semester
    1. proposal review meeting: April 6 (Tuesday) at 3:30
    2. ballots due: April 13 (Tuesday)
    3. funding decision meeting: April 20 (Tuesday) 3:30
  4. Discussion on recommendation to International Education Committee pertaining to research during study abroad tours  (handout emailed)
    1. Committee discussed having students obtain a signature from the study abroad tour leader and/or communicating via email with URC chair.
    2. Motion to change the international grant application so that students participating in a study aboard tour must obtain the study abroad tour advisor’s signature.    M/S/P
  5. Subcommittee reports
    1. NCUR selection

                                                              i.      35 UW-L representatives received funding for NCUR

                                                            ii.      NCUR selection guidelines discussed (handout distributed)

1.      Committee discussed options regarding rooms/sleeping arrangements for students

    1. Celebration

                                                              i.      Bonnie volunteered to work on the celebration committee

                                                            ii.      April 8 from 5-7pm set up for conference

                                                          iii.      Poster-making workshop to be scheduled, tentatively March 9.

    1. Web application

                                                              i.      Committee discussed requesting funds for application software and setup

  1. Update and discussion on changes to Journal of Undergraduate Research
    1. Need to consider the purpose of the journal (i.e., writing experience, satisfying requirement for grant)
    2. Easy to do online
    3. Should consider a promotional element
  2. Old business
    1. Need to respond to charge about timing of the Celebration
    2. Motion to keep the timing of the Celebration relative to the timing of NCUR the same as it has been in the past.                  M/S/P
  3. New business
    1. Need a new student to join the committee

                                                              i.      Student should be a sophomore

  1. Adjournment at 8:45 AM.




Respectfully submitted by Recorder, Tony Docan-Morgan