The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Articles and Bylaws (ABL) Committee held its organizational  meeting on Friday, October 15, 2010, in Room 20, Cowley Hall. Committee members in attendance were Curtis Czerwinski, Kerrie Hoar, David Koster, and Donald Sloan.  The other member, Eric Kraemer, was excused from attending.

                The following business was transacted:

1.       Dave Koster was elected chair of the committee, and Don Sloan was appointed acting secretary for this meeting. The duty of taking minutes will be rotated among committee members.


2.       Possible times for future meetings were discussed, and it was decided to meet at noon on Fridays, as needed.


3.       The committee’s charges were discussed, as follows:


a.       The committee has one new charge, which is to review the bylaws regarding the Academic Program Review Committee. The committee will draft a proposal regarding the time to review newly created academic programs.

b.      The committee has one charge from prior years that needs to be re-examined. This charge involves reviewing and revising the bylaws regarding career progression for Instructional Academic Staff.

c.       The committee may receive an additional charge, which will be to create a bylaw formalizing the existence of the current ad hoc General Education Assessment Committee.


4.       Working groups were appointed to work on the various charges. Dave Koster and Kerrie Hoar will be the working group in charge of the Instructional Academic Staff bylaws. Considerable work was done on this task in prior years, so it may only be necessary to review and update that work. Curt Czerwinski and Don Sloan will be the working group for the Academic Program Review bylaw. Eric Kraemer will be the liaison between the committee and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.


5.       The next meeting of the ABL committee will be Friday, November 15, at noon. Location will be announced by the Chair.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:23 PM.


Donald E. Sloan