Wednesday, September 29th

342 Cartwright Center


Present:  Grunwald, Knowles, Dickmeyer, Dixon, Kopp, Tollefson, Cocks, Denton, Longhurst


Sandy Grunwald, Convener of the APR committee, called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM. 


Brett Brockman, the student member of the committee, was introduced.


The first order of business was to discuss the following charge from the Faculty Senate: 


Determine whether APR should forward to the Academic Planning Committee for further review, any programs that move to more than 50% of their content (courses) online, as recommended by the Academic Planning Committee. Please         see the  09/Final%20Reports/FinalReport.pdf for further discussion of this issue. Please      plan to provide a report to Faculty Senate at the October 14, 2010 meeting.


After much conversation, the committee decided that the APR Self-Study Report should include the following request:   “if the program contains online course delivery please discuss the use and effectiveness of any replacement of face-to-face contact hours with online activities.”  This latter would be located in section III/Assessment of Student Learning & Degree of Program Success. 


Along with this, the APR comm. suggests that a data sheet concerning the above request be included alongside of the response.


The point of this request is for the sake of reporting/allowing for reflection, not for us to judge (as we have no rubric for judging).


We then voted on the above suggestion.  It passed (8 – 1 - 0).


Last, a concern is that the APR process might not be timely enough as regards the above issues.   This last point will be brought to the attention of the Faculty Senate. 


Sandy G. inquired into how the sub-committees are doing. 


Meeting adjourned 1:00 P.M.