Faculty Development Committee Meeting

Minutes for Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Members present: M. Cary, C. Tobin, H. Dai, A. Gedicks, B. Bennie, G. Cravins, D. Thoune, V. Her, K. Mally


Consultant: B. Cerbin


1)      Meeting called to order at 2:19pm by M. Cary, chair.

2)      M/S/P approval of minutes of 9/22/2010 committee meeting [Yes- 9, No- 0]

3)      Committee thoroughly discussed four Teaching Innovation proposals from:

(1) Bratina, Anglehart & Barbknecht- Microbiology

(2) Elfessi & Reinke- Mathematics

(3) Moeller- English

(4) Yoo & Steffen- Exercise and Sports Science

4)      Committee thoroughly discussed one Scholarship of Teaching and Learning grant proposal from Lyons- Accountancy.

5)      All proposal discussions included the quality of proposals.

6)      Cary reviewed agenda for next meeting which will include the committee beginning to review nine Professional Development proposals.

7)      Next meeting will be Oct. 13 at 2:15pm.

8)      Meeting adjourned at 3:14pm.



Submitted by Casey Tobin


Minutes approved 10-13-2010