Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

November 2, 2010



Members Present:  Angell, Asola, Eide, Finch, Iwai, Malone, Newton, Reineke, Zheng, Grant, Cloud  

Members Absent:   

Consultants Present: Agarwal, Dittman, Abhold, Keller, Bakkum, Means

Consultants excused: Knudson

Consultants Absent:  Jax, Martin-Stanley  

Guests:  Robert Dixon       


Meeting cancelled  


I.              Approval of October 19, 2010 minutes


      M/S/P to approve minutes


II.            Second Readings: None


III.           First Readings:  



    M/S/P to approve on first reading


IV.          Consent Agenda:  None


V.            Information Item:  None


VI.           Old Business



VII.          New Business: None



Meeting adjourned at  4:00 p.m.