Minutes of General Education Committee Meeting

3:30pm October 4th, 2010


Present: Rafique Ahmed, Tom Gendreau, Michele Pettit, Michael Current, Jean Hindson, Tom Pribek,  Anne Galbraith, James Peirce, Dave Riley

Meeting started at 3:30 pm.

Committee heard a student appeal.  Student requested that a math course from a previous university be transferred as a course satisfying the general education requirement in Mathematical/Logical Systems and Modern Languages.  The committee approved (7/0/1)

a motion to allow the course as an elective general education course.  The student will still need to take a math course at UW-L to satisfy the Mathematical/Logical Systems and Modern Languages requirement.

Anne Galbraith reported that only approximately half the SLO have been assessed by assessment tools 2 or less times. 

Patrick Barlow, the University Assessment Coordinator, presented “Ideas for General Education Assessment: Moving Forward with What Has Been Done.”  The committee discussed what success or progress would look like.  Measures of success could include

·         The number of exemplary, proficient and competent above a prescribed threshold, or

·         Improvement in exemplary, proficient and competent in consecutive years, or

·         A documented response to issues that are suggested by the assessment data, or

·         SLO data is that is consistent with CLA or NSE(?) scores.

After discussion the committee requested

·         A summary of SLO assessment data from 08/09

The committee plans on looking at 08/09 to determine what success might look like in 09/10.  We will then try to determine if the data from 09/10 satisfies our definition of success.  

The meeting ended at 5:00.

Submitted on October 13, 2010 by James Peirce.