Meeting of the Faculty Senate

                   General Education Committee

                          325 Main Hall

                        20 September 2010


Meeting convened at 3:33pm, Galbraith presiding

Attending: Rafique Ahmed, Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau,

 Jean Hindson, Gerald Iguchi, Michele Pettit, James Pierce, Tom Pribek

Guests & Consultants: Patrick Barlow, Carla Burkhardt, Amelia Dittman,

 Kathleen Enz Finken, Bob Hoar, Tim walls


M/S/P, approved minutes of May 3, 2010; voice voice,

 one abstaining


Personal introductions of GEC members


Elections: M/S/P, Anne Galbraith as chair; voice vote, unanimous

           M/S/P, Tom Pribek as recorder; voice vote, unanimous


Introduction of Patrick Barlow, assessment co-ordinator, & remarks:

 - not faculty, defer to policy makers

 - assist GEC in reporting, as well as course/program ass.;

  can mean solidifying current practice and/or creating questions

  for future

 - not in favor of using ass. for any PTS decisions


chair's remarks, & discussion:

 - summary of report of last year's GEC work (document submitted to FS)

 - this year, FS has to decide what to do with GEAC

 - also new, ass. co-ord.

 - charge: change or defend Program;

  "close the loop" on nearly 3 years of ass. data;

  what can we get from the data we have rather than change process?


further discussion:

 - need to show ass. is "informing" GE program

 - we hope to achieve something in the core 6 areas of SLO,

   by variety of instructional methods, course size, etc.

 - set some pre-defined %, some benchmarks, of successful "outcome":

   what is a good program?

 - "when students finish GE, they look like this..."

   "Is GE contributing to what students look like when they finish"

 - # credits probably larger than many; available courses to acquire

   credits perhaps smaller than other unv.s’ GE

 - "why?" question: what's good about GE, wrong with it: GE has

   proposed change in past without justifying it; wasn't based on data,

   but a value judgment; we "must come to some SHARED value system"

 - improve the program, make a "healthy, vibrant program"

 - how many students are taking how much of the curriculum?

Next meeting: compose a paragraph description of GE; start setting goals

 for defining success of courses


Meeting adjourned at 4:29pm

Notes compiled by T. Pribek