Friday, Oct 22, 2010 – 10:00 am

325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:     Michelle Fuentes, Tom Krueger, Peg Maher, Bernadette Taylor, Kasi Peryasamy, Anton Sanderfoot, Glenn Wright, Jodi Rindt, Melissa Bingham, VJ Agarwal, Carol Angell


Consultants Present: Ray Abhold, Bruce May, Chris Bakkum


The meeting was convened at 10:05 am by Tom Krueger.


1.    M/S/P to go into closed session to consider a faculty appeal for reconsideration of the      Graduate Council’s decision regarding their graduate faculty status.


The faculty member who brought the appeal did not attend this hearing.


M/S/P to confirm the Graduate Council’s original decision based upon the materials presented by the faculty member, and based upon current Graduate Faculty Membership Policy, with encouragement that the faculty member reapply with updated materials and attention to the Full Graduate Faculty Membership Criteria, especially (3) and (4).


M/S/P to go into open session.


2.         Discussion of Graduate Faculty Membership levels and criteria. 

Several instructional academic staff members who do not have terminal degrees have applied for graduate faculty status.  Under the current policy, these individuals do not qualify for any graduate faculty membership level.  The Graduate Council discussed issues related to these staff members teaching graduate level courses and supervising masters research.  An ad hoc committee (Peg Maher, Anton Sanderfoot, Chris Bakkum and Bruce May) will explore options including possible changes to the Graduate Faculty Membership Criteria and levels of membership.


            Adjourned 11:08 am


            Respectfully submitted,


            Bernadette Taylor