Minutes of the International Education Committee Meeting

October 18, 2010, 2:15 – 3:15 pm, 326 Cartwright


Attendance:  Members- Dave Anderson, John Greany, Sheri Ross, Gary Gilmore, Bianca Basten, Pat Ardovino, Haroon Ismail (student member).


Absent:  Walter Elder, Futaba Okamoto-Fujie, Hsiao-Fen Yang.


Committee Consultant:  Eric Kraemer (Dir INS minor), Sandy Sieber (Assistant Director OIE), Jason Kouba (Office of OIE)


Guests:  Andrea Wagner




Meeting was called to order 2:15 pm. 

I.              Approval of minutes
a.     May 5, 2010 [M/S/A – 7,0,0]

b.    September 17, 2010 [M/S/A – 7,0,0]

c.    October 4, 2010 [M/S/A – 7,0,0]

II.            Revisions to International Development Fund grant guidelines
a.    Provost asked International Education Committee to consider recommendations for changes

b.    More details in narrative (specific points linked to grant objectives)

c.    All travel costs need to follow travel guidelines

d.    Points of Discussion

                                          i.    Question about why Canada is not part of international county for funding

1.    Due to frequency of a location for conferences

2.    Possible recommendations for restricting for only non-conference goals.

                                        ii.    Feasibility study

1.    Suggestion:  require a draft proposal come to International Education Committee initially. 

                                       iii.    Have different guidelines for faculty led study tours versus international travel. 

                                       iv.    Are there disciple specific needs that this committee has access to for developing criteria? 

e.    Next meeting have track change document for review.  Chair to develop this document.    

III.            Service Learning for Credit: Reminder about responding to request for those who have traveled.

a.    Tabled until next meeting

New Business

IV.          Faculty Opportunities for international travel – Jason Kouba

a.    Locations with current affiliates for faculty

                                          i.    Spain (summer) Spanish speaking requirement

                                        ii.    Argentina (API) (winter)

                                       iii.    Scotland - Stirling University

b.    Goal is to promote faculty to participate in international experiences so they don’t have to develop a new opportunity. 

c.    Chair to write a letter regarding the positive outcomes from the Chancellor’s visit to Stirling University.  Gary Gilmore will provide the draft material (background) for the chair. 


The meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm 


Respectfully submitted:  John Greany