Minutes of the International Education Committee Meeting

October 4, 2010, 2:15 – 3:10 pm, 326 Cartwright


Attendance:  Members- Dave Anderson, John Greany, Sheri Ross, Gaelle Talhouarne (student member), Gary Gilmore, Bianca Basten, Pat Ardovino, Haroon Ismail (student member).


Absent:  Walter Elder, Futaba Okamoto-Fujie, Hsiao-Fen Yang.


Committee Consultant:  Eric Kraemer (Dir INS minor), Sandy Sieber (Assistant Director OIE),


Guests:  Scott Stein, Andrea Wagner


Meeting was called to order 2:15 pm. 

I.              Informational comments about developing future program in India – Scott Stein

·         Scott Stein – led previous trip to India in Jan 2009. 

·         Seeking recommendations from committee in the development of a new clinic in eastern India.

·         Goal is to develop a service learning and credit course for students.

II.             International Service Learning course for credit – Sheri Ross

            Next Steps:

·         Contact previous faculty that have led service learning courses; reviewed list of previous trips and identified.

·         Add to LX – and send revised LX to

·         UCC deadline for spring semester – Oct 26th

×          Goal for submitting to UCC this semester

·         Discussion on various aspects of the LX form for revision. 


The meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm



Respectfully submitted:  John Greany