Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

                                                        October 26, 2010



Members Present: Kirsch, Socha, Baggett, Kastantin, Kincman, Chen, Clark, Bantle, Holt    

Excused:  Fisher, Seebach, Rolfhus  

Members Absent:  

Consultants Present: Dittman, Keller, Bakkum   

Consultants not present:  Burkhardt

Consultants excused: Knudson, Means, Grant              

Guests: Aaron Koepke, Ray Block, Steve McDougal, Cecilia Manrique, Tim McAndrews, Jan Von Ruden   



I.              Approval of October 12, 2010 minutes.


M/S/P to approve minutes  


II.            Second Reading: None


III.           First Reading:

A.   Archaeology

1.    Archaeological Studies Major – added ARC 489 as elective; added recommended course language to Entrance requirements and to Major requirements.  Effective Spring 2011. Retro to all catalogs.

2.    Archaeology Honors Program - added ARC 489 as required course; revised Honors program description. Effective Spring 2011. Retro to all catalogs.

3.    ARC 101 - new course, “Orientation to the Archaeological Studies Major”, 1 credit, offered Spring, effective Spring 2011.

4.    ARC 489 - new course, “Honors Thesis in Archaeology”, 3 credits, offered Spring, effective Spring 2011.


M/S/P to approve on 1st reading


B.   College of Liberal Studies

1.    Degree Program Option Requirements - added SOC 110 as Social Science to BA and BS lists; effective Fall 2009.


M/S/P to approve on 1st reading    


C.   Political Science

1.    Political Science Major - added POL 201 as required course changed credits required from 33 to 36; added POL 439 as elective in Comparative Politics category. Effective Fall 2010.

2.    Political Science Minor - added POL 201 as required course; changed required credits from 21 to 24. Effective Fall 2010.

3.    POL 206 – changed course designator (from HON 206 to POL 206); dropped HON 100 and Good Standing in Honors program as a prerequisite. Offered alternate years, effective Fall 2010.

4.    POL 410 - title changed to “Civic Engagement and the Wisconsin Idea”, offered Spring and Summer. Effective Spring 2011.

5.    POL 439 - new course, “Women and Politics in Latin America”, 3 credits, offered alternate years. Effective Fall 2010.


M/S/P to approve on 1st reading


D.   Psychology

1.    Psychology Major – changed program Admission description; change in electives (removed PSY 332 and PSY 490 and added PSY 491).  Effective Spring 2011, retro to all catalogs .

2.    Psychology Minor Business - deleted PSY 321 as required course. Effective Spring 2011.

3.    PSY 321 – course description change (added “Not required of students who major in CST or SOC or in College of Business major). Effective Spring 2011.

4.    PSY 490 - course deletion, effective Spring 2011.


M/S/P to approve on 1st reading


IV.          Consent Item:   None


V.           Informational Items:   None


VI.          Old Business:   None


VII.         New Business:   None


Meeting adjourned:  4:35 p.m.