Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

                                                   September 28, 2010



Members Present: Seebach, Kirsch, Socha, Baggett, Kastantin, Kincman, Rolfhus, Chen, Clark   

Excused Absent:  

Members absent:  Fisher, Bantle

Consultants Present: Dittman, Keller, Bakkum, Knudson, Means, Grant   

Consultants not present: Jax, Herling, Burkhardt          

Guests: Linda Dickmeyer, Mark Chavalas



I.              Approval of September 14, 2010 minutes.


M/S/P to approve minutes  


II.            Second Reading:

A.      CST

1.    Broadcast and Digital Media Major, deleting CST 375; adding CST 374.  Effective Spring 2011. 


M/S/P to approve on 2nd reading


2.    CST 471: prerequisites, (CST 190 and 275); effective Spring 2011; offered Spring.


 M/S/P to approve with changes on 2nd reading


III.           First Reading:

A.    HIS/ARC 374, adding ARC as cross-listed course to HIS 374. Offered occasionally, effective Fall 2010.


M/S/P to approve on 1st reading


IV.          Informational Items:  None


V.            Old Business:   Discussed Faculty Senate charge regarding UCC student membership.


VI.          New Business:   None


Meeting adjourned:   4:05 p.m.