Minutes of the
Undergraduate Research Committee (URC)
Meeting held on 19 October 2010
340 Cartwright Center

 Present:                        Nicholas Downey, Emily Johnson, Anita Baines, Kathryn Birkeland, Aric Opdahl, Tony Docan-Morgan, Soojin Yoo, Gretchen Berns, Emily Jacobson, Paul Fitts, Vijendra Agarwal, Jennifer Bryson 

Absent (excused):        Keely Rees, Katelynn Williams 


  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Nicholas Downey at 4:33pm
  1. Approval of minutes from 10-5-10

a.       M/S/P  

  1. Old business

a.       Promotion of UW-L Celebration

                                                              i.       Discussion of strategies to promote Celebration 

  1. Reports from subcommittees
    1. Development of on-line grant submissions

                                                        i.            No report        

b.      Travel grants

                                                        i.            No report

c.        Celebration

    i.      Subcommittee will meet on 26 Oct. 10 

  1. Review of budget
    1. Revised budget distributed by Emily Jacobson.

    i.      M/S/P  

  1. Report of proposal to Senate for Undergraduate Research Journal (Kathryn Birkeland)
    1. Discussion


  1. Next meeting scheduled for November 2nd at 4:30 PM
  1. Meeting adjourned at 5:33 PM


  1. Respectfully Submitted by Recorder, Anita Davelos Baines