Second Meeting of the Faculty Senate Library Committee
Oct 23, 1998, 11am, 120 Murphy Library

Attending: Carlson (student), Evans (Library), Gillis, Gray, Koster, Ma, Perkins, Pribek, Prucha (Library), Smith (Library), Strigenz (student), Wegner

Absent: Buffton, Clow, Cox, Stapleton

Minutes for Sept 30 meeting approved by consensus

Chair's announcement: Initial meeting of Search/Screen Committee for Director of Murphy Library Oct 26, 3pm.

Reports from Library staff

1. Stefan Smith, outreach librarian, summarized meetings with individual departments: presenting new technology (library web pages) and answering broad variety of questions; results suggest continuation & will send notices to departments to schedule further meetings.

2. Cris Prucha, library instruction, distributed "Information Literacy Competencies and Criteria for Academic Libraries in Wisconsin," which Library Assessment Committee is working to
incorporate; desire feedback from individual classes & departments about Librarian Instruction, particularly for assessment process .

Discuss, amend & approve draft of letter to Governor Thompson, supporting budget increase for system libraries; present members signed, and letter available to read & sign by other members at main administrative office in 111 Murphy, through Wednesday, Oct 28.

Discuss & assign subcommittees for Fall term
1. Library Instruction & Assessment: Prucha (convener), Gray, Ma, Strigenz
2. J/M Term Funding: Wegner & Evans (co-conveners), Koster, Perkins
3. Open Forums: Pribek (convener), Gillis

NOTE TO THOSE NON-ATTENDING: Please call a convener to join a particular subcommittee.  The J/M Term Funding group must work especially quickly.

Adjourned 12:05pm.

Next meetings:  November 20, Friday, 11am, 120 Murphy Library
December 9, Wednesday, 1:10pm, 120 Murphy Library

Subcommittees will meet before Nov 20 meeting & report at that time.

Notes compiled by T Pribek