Fourth Meeting of the Faculty Senate Library Committee
December 9, 1998, 1:12 pm, 120 Murphy Library

Attending: Buffton, Ma, Gillis, Prucha (library), Strigenz (student), Stapleton, Evans (library), Clow, Gray, Cox, Pribek

Notified absence: Carlson (student), Wegner, Koster

Minutes for Nov 20 meeting are incomplete owing to the chair's inability to figure out what he did with them.

Announcement: Review of final text of search for library director, as posted on UWL webpage.

Subcommitte & Library Staff reports:

1. Instruction/Assessment, C Prucha: Information Literacy Competencies are incorporated into assessment plan; consideration of special needs for instruction to Speech and English classes; focus instruction for tutorial in new freshman seminar, and publicize/promote tutorial next semester.  Does committee wish to review/advise tutorial next term (parallel to subcommitte review of webpage last year)?

2. J/M Term Funding: Note endorsement of Faculty Senate; review and amendment of cover letter to submit, with subcommittee report, to Provost, Senate, & Joint Budget Committee.

Discussion of continuing contacts with Governor & state officials to support increase of base budget for library.

Meeting adjourned at 2pm

Notes compiled by T Pribek