Library Committee Minutes

December 3, 1999

Murphy Library, Room 120



Members Present; Abdulaziz Elfessi, Rick Gillis, Randy Hoelzen, Tim Halbach, Drew Stapleton, Elsie Patterson, Richard Snowberg, Billy Clow, Anita Evans, and Tim Gerber.


Guests: Jen Holman and Karin Sandvik.



The meeting was called to order by Randy Hoelzen who was asked by Chair Gerry Cox to act as a facilitator for the meeting as Gerry was out of town.  The minutes for the meeting of 11-12-99 were approved without correction.


Director’s Report: Anita Evans reported on recent Faculty Senate actions.  The Senate gave the Library’s request for an automation technician position a #1 priority.  The Senate will be asking for a report from our committee next semester; a February 3 date is expected.  The Library is progressing on Plan 2008 goals.  WEB Page development and work of the multicultural librarian is progressing.  Stefan Smith has a mid-February target date for prototype WEB pages.  Roger Haro, Chair, Minority Affairs would like to take a look at it.  The Hmong Quilt is now on display as you come into the library.


Discussion continued on potential questions to be asked on our survey instrument.  Areas of importance discussed were trying to identify format of materials currently needed by faculty and their students.  Attempts need to be made to determine if new formats like DVD are needed.  Karin Sandvik reviewed falling circulation of book statistics.  She reported that faculty she has questioned thus far indicate that the book is still seen as important.  Issues brought forward included, the continued importance of access to peer review primary literature in the sciences, when should electronic formats replace other formats, example archival copies of periodical literature.


The issue of getting to the consumer information on new products in the library.  Suggestions in this area included use of the new WEB pages being developed by Stefan, the survey instrument, workshops.


Anita distributed a survey of students conducted several years ago.    It was agreed that a subcommittee should work on a draft of the survey instrument.  Richard Snowberg, Billy Clow, and Tim Gerber agreed to be the members.


M/S/P to adjourn at 11:46 am.


Respectfully submitted,

R. Hoelzen, 1-20-00