Minutes of Library Committee Meeting

March 3, 2000


Chair Gary Cox was unable to attend the meeting. In his absence, library director Anita Evans assumed the responsibility of chairing the meeting.


Attending: Patricia Ardovino, Abdul Elfessi, Tim Halbach-student member, Randall Hoelzen, Elsie Patterson, Richard Snowberg, and Jason Letizia-student guest


Items of Discussion:

1) A discussion took place on the accessibility issue as it relates to the library. A report is being written by the library, to be forwarded to Al Thompson r.e. the library access issue. It was stated that it is the library's belief that we are in legal compliance with ADA r.e bookshelf aisle width. Equipment is provided for disabilities services in a special area. The circulation staff assists students with accessing holdings beyond patron's reach.


2) The document, Procedures for Ordering/Canceling Periodicals was distributed. It was announced that this document had been shared by the director with the Dean's Council the previous week. The document reviews the procedures which are now in place. Responses were invited to be made to Jennifer Holman.


3) A prototype web page for Plan 2008 Initiative on Diversity Resources was distributed. The committee was informed that the library staff has been working with the Joint Multicultural Committee to create the initial format. The plan is to link existing web resources already created and available.  While the resources mentioned to date are primarily websites, other forms of information may be included. It was suggested that "diversity campus events" be added to the prototype.


4) A final solicitation for changes or additions to the campus survey was invited. It was decided that a two week turnaround for return of the surveys, once they are sent, would be indicated. The plan is to distribute the survey the week after spring break.


Meeting adjourned at 11:50am.


Respectfully submitted,

Richard Snowberg