IAS Liaison

Kerrie Hoar - Senior Lecturer in Biology Dept. (SAH)

2013 -14 IAS Promotion Committee Members

Kay Dailey
- Senior Lecturer in English as a Second Language Institute (CLS)
Linda Dickmeyer - Professor and Chair in Communication Studies Dept. (CLS) - SECRETARY
Kerrie Hoar - Senior Lecturer in Biology Dept. (SAH) - CHAIR
Francine Klein - Senior Lecturer in Modern LanguagesDept. (CLS)
Sandra Koster - Senior Lecturer in Chemistry Dept. (SAH)
Kim Lyons - Senior Lecturer in Accountancy Dept. (CBA)
Laurie Strangman - Senior Lecturer in Economics Dept. (CBA)


2013 -14 IAS Committee Members

Suzanne Anglehart
- Senior Lecturer in Microbiology Dept. (SAH) - SECRETARY
Lisa Caya - Senior Lecturer in Psychology Dept. (CLS)
Robert Eberle - Senior Lecturer in Communication Studies Dept. (CLS)
Pari Ghodsian - Lecturer in Chemistry Dept. (SAH)
Cordial Gillette - Assistant Professor in Exercise & Sport Science Dept. (SAH)
Melanie Healy - Lecturer in Exercise & Sport Science Dept. (SAH) - CHAIR
Erin Hussey - Clinical Associate Professor in Health Professions Dept. (SAH)
Karyn Quinn - Senior Lecturer in Music Dept. (CLS)
William Stobb Assistant Professor in English Dept. (CLS)

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